On this day's excursion from Kuala Lumpur, visit Malacca, the headquarters of the Malaysian state of the same name. Malacca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located about 90 miles (145 kilometers) south of KL and is home to the A Famosa Fort, 16th-century St. Paul's Church, Christ Church, & Stadthuys in Red Square. Take a guided sightseeing trip and visit Jonker Street, where you can have lunch.

Malacca is one of Malaysia's most famous tourist attractions, thanks to a fascinating mix of Portuguese, Dutch, and British influences. We'll go to Portuguese Square, often known as "Mini Lisbon," and then to A Famosa, a small gate that's all that's left of a once-mighty Portuguese fortification, which is a must-see. It is Asia's earliest remaining European architectural relic. It was designated as a "World Heritage Site" in July 2008 due to its rich historical heritage. We'll visit St. Peter's Church before heading to the Peranakan Restaurant for a traditional Malay lunch. Keep your spirits up while you visit more interesting places in Malacca.


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